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The Yoni-verse: Unlocking the Divine Feminine Through the Portal of the Yoni

With the rebalancing of the dynamics between the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine, there is a profound movement happening within our Planetary Collective. As a woman, in this time, I have found the profound unlocking of power, my own healing of the Divine Feminine within, and the power-harnessing of this time, through my growing practices of Yoni Healing. When we look closely at global and ancient traditions, we see a hidden emphasis on the power of the Yoni in healing.

From the witches of Old Europe, who would take their Belladonna vaginally (hence the term “Flying on a Broomstick”), to the Mayan tradition of Yoni Steaming (where steam sessions were given by a female practitioner, for women of the community), to the ancient Chinese (whom were the first to use Jade Yoni Eggs for cycle regulation and harnessing Female Power in the Womb), our humanity has, in it’s roots, a deeply woven knowledge of how to harness the power of the Yoni for not only physical healing, but also spiritual healing on a collective level. When we look closely, there is a cross-cultural past history that has, somewhere along the way, become lost. Yet, in my own experience, it is re-emerging along with so many other ancient practices to harness the power of the Divine Feminine within all of us.

Briefly, it can be observed that, cross-culturally, there was a shift many centuries ago where the Masculine and Feminine Divine Energies came out of balance with one another. As a result of this shift, we see the cultivated fear around the Sexual power of the Feminine. Menstrual Cycles have become feared and regarded as “unclean”, and many of the practices that were cultivated to harness and enhance the Creative Energy of the Feminine Sexual force, underwent extreme degregation, were lost, or were perverted by fear into these “shameful” representations we see today (i.e. menstruation huts in Nepal, Black Lodge misunderstanding, the role of the Sacred Prostitute & Tantric Temples, etc.).

We see centuries of ignorance and oppression that resulted in the “witch hunts” of those practices in the Arts of Female Sexual Energy Cultivation. Practices were lost, Female Power was regarded with fear and thus the role of the Woman, as it was in ancient times, has evolved into a lesser form having lost the Human Awareness of the Divinity within. We have lost our Womanhood initiation ceremonies, our community lodges, our ancient heritage to practices for cultivating sexual energy, our right to Sacred Sexuality

Mother Nature, Herself, and the forces that be have a reason for all shifting of balancing, therefore even unbalancing was necessary. Possibly to bring about the profound revolution of Re-Membering within the Human Consciousness and it’s Divinity.

However, this article is not about dwelling upon the past, but about re-emerging these practices in our modern times.


What is the Yoni? The Yoni, in my understanding, is the Creative Center of Feminine Sexual Energy, or, put more bluntly, the vaginal region and the womb area. It resides in the Sacral Chakra of the body and is responsible for manifestations of Creativity, Reproduction, and gives the Woman the very distinct energy force that is distinctly different from the Male Sexual Creative Force.

In my own practice, I have gravitated to the intuitive exploration of my own Yoni-verse, as well as sought out knowledge from ancient traditions of how to cultivate and re-engage with the ancestral knowledge that resides within. This exploration has been one of the most powerful routes I have taken to remember the wisdom of my Creation, my past lives, my healing potential. Here I would like to share a bit about these tools, as I have come to know them.

A basic Routine of mine, to which I focus my workshops within, is as follows:

  1. Yoni Steam

  2. Yoni Flushing with Hydrosols

  3. Yoni Egg Practice

  4. Herbal Infusions for the Womb

I also incorporate Cycle Energetics (also known as Fertility Charting, but with a more Jungian Archetypal approach alongside the biological components), as well as Menstruation Rituals in my life to generate a deeper, more conscious way of cultivating the Divine Feminine within me to Her highest potential.

Yoni Steaming

Yoni Steaming is a Mayan derived tradition, often facilitated by midwives and female healers for women in the community.Largely attributed to use as treatment for “cleansing” (such as after miscarriage or birth), this Mayan practice of Yoni Steaming has become widely resurfaced in our modern times. The Priestesses of Delphi were also recorded to work with a form of Yoni Steaming, however, their use was with psychedelic plants (Henbane), to reach divinatory states, and offer information to rulers and kings seeking guidance. Though I have experimented with the method, as used by the Priestesses of Delphi, I do not recommend it to beginner users.

Yoni Steaming, in essence, involves the squatting (or use of a special chair that allows the Yoni access to the steam) over a bowl of freshly boiled water.Various Yoga poses have been useful for me (i.e. child’s pose, squatting). I use dried herbs (usually Roses, Calendula, Lavender, and/or Yarrow) for a more healing experience, but this isn’t necessary. In short, the woman squats over the the freshly boiled water, with a technology (i.e. blanket) wrapped around her from the waist down to hold in the steam. The steaming method is usually best done for 45 min., but may vary depending on the practice.

For me, and according to other resources, Yoni Steaming is a highly cleansing ritual, and also brings consciousness into the healing of the womb. It is best done before and after menstruation, after experiencing miscarriage or abortion, when experiencing physical ailments (bacterial infections, etc.), and for treatment or facilitation of spiritual/energetic intention (ex: TREATMENT:sexual trauma; FACILITATION: connecting do deeper states of awareness). It is a powerful practice and women (including myself and others whom I work with in my workshops) have claimed to have actual visionary experiences because of the strength of this practice. 

In my practice, I find that this practice is best treated as a meditation, regardless of the intention. A calm, quite, space with meditative practices (candles, soft music, etc.) will allow for the woman to connect into the power of this ritual. It is highly intuitive, as are all Yoni Practices that are stated here.

Yoni Flushing

There has been considerable attention given to Yoni Flushing, or as it is commonly called “Douching”. Depending on the practitioner, or source, a variety of feedback is given about it, ranging from “dangerous” to “extremely helpful”. Yoni Flushing with Apple Cider Vinegar is said to balance ph levels in the body, while other sources would say that Yoni Flushing, in any form, isn’t recommended.

Flushing the Yoni involves a sterilized syringe, and the desired solution. One fills the syringe, injects it into the yoni, and inserts the solution into the vaginal canal.

For my own practice, I learned that the benefits of Yoni Flushing are a tremendous help in moisturizing the tissues (nourishing the vaginal walls; Rose Hydrosol Solution), combating vaginal bacterial/fungal infections (Diluted Oregano Hydrosol; Solution of Sangre de Grado), for balancing ph related disorders (Apple Cider Vinegar), and for a variety of energetic reasons (ex: brightening the aura with Calendula Hydrosol).

Flushing the Yoni is beneficial for a variety of reasons. It first creates a deeper bond and consciousness towards the womb area in general. Second of all, it can be used to treat vaginal infections, to heal after abortions or miscarriages, to increase awareness and energetic vibrations in the womb, and as treatment for trauma, emotional imbalances, and a variety of other emotional/mental/physical ailments. It is also a beautiful and effective practice for toning the vaginal canal.

For those of you who do not know, Hydrosol is the run-off steam that is used to push essential oils out during the laboratory process of essential oil extraction. It is stronger than tea, by a long shot, while being significantly more mild than essential oils. For the record, it is NEVER advised to flush with essential oils, or put them anywhere near your genitalia.

I relate flushing to the times of the Pagan Witches, and herbalists of Old Europe. These women were recorded in the inquisition and other records as having solutions that they would insert and use via the vaginal canal. The most famous, being the “Flying Ointment”, a psychedelically infused oil (Belladonna, Datura, Mandrake, etc.) that was inserted in the vaginal canal for visionary experiences. They also inserted various herbal concoctions into the Yoni for everything from inducing abortions to psycho-spiritual therapies.

Though the Yoni Flushing mentioned here, with hydrosols and vinegars, will not induce a psychedelic journey, I have found that it can induce visionary states of channeling or “streaming” when combined with other intensive Yoni Practices.

Yoni Eggs

The Yoni Egg practice was first explored by the ancient Chinese, in several Taoist and Tantric lineages that were practiced in the Dynasties. According to the limited sources available, the first Egg was Jade. Thes

e Jade eggs were inserted into the Yoni (vaginal canal) and used to enhance libido, sacred sexuality connection, cycle regulation, womb healing of physical ailments, and for various spiritual/tantric practices. The same is true today for Yoni Eggs: tremendous health and spiritual benefits can result in using a Yoni Egg, too many to name in fact.

In our modern times, the Yoni Egg comes in a variety of stone types. Everything from Quartz to Obsidian is used, and all of the color spectrum in between. As one can imagine, the properties and uses of the stones vary according to the type of stone used. My first Eggs were Lapis Lazuli and Obsidian. There are numerous sites that categorize and explain the healing benefits of particular stones, and particular Yoni Eggs. The use of various types of eggs is guided by the intention for their use.

For example, back to my obsidian egg, I have found that this egg provides me with a profound sense of grounding, which is important while traveling. Used in ceremony, I have found that it aids in clearing the Chakra system, as well as grounding Celestial energy into the Earth, purification, and solidifying my experience. It particularly works well in the Inipi (Lakota Sweat Lodge). Whereas, my Lapis Lazuli is rarely used, only when I am attempting to reach very deep states of channeling, divination, or communing with my Spirit Guides.

Treating eggs with crystals

Wearing an Egg in the Yoni may sound strange, and the most frequently asked questions I receive in my Yoni Egg Workshops are “Don’t they fall out?” (Answer: No), “Do they get stuck?” (Answer: No, the cervix does not allow for the Yoni Egg to “get lost”, it is the barrier), “Can you wear them all day, like, while doing ot

Yoni Eggs come in a variety of sizes. It is best to choose an egg based on the intensity desired for practice, the number of births she has had, and other factors.

her things?” (Answer: Yes, if you want to).


The best advice I give is that working with Yoni Eggs is like working with any other healing stone therapy: there are guidelines such as what stones are best for what intention/physical healing, but the process is largely intuitive, and thus the exact method that of use will vary from woman to woman, from stone to stone. In my personal experience, it is best to really consult your intuition, do a bit of research on what it is that you are wishing to gain/heal from the practice of Yoni Eggs, and to just be open and receptive to what results. Practice is key, so just like Yoga or anything else, the more you do it, the more you will connect and the more precise and unique your practice will become, as well as an increase in the healing that takes place from the practice.

Along with teaching Yoni Egg workshops, I also sell eggs and starter kits. You may access my etsy account here, if you feel called to look into purchasing an egg or kit, and I recommend first time users contacting me for a consultation if you feel that guidance would be best for your introduction to this practice.

Herbal Treatment for Well-Being

The ingestion of herbal treatments for Feminine Healing is universal, as the Plant Beings (Herbs) were our first medicines. There are too many lineages and recipes to include here, but a basic understanding of how the Herbal world (consumption of herbs) can affect our healing and deeper connection to Womb Wellness follows here.

Basically, the ingestion of herbs that are specifically used for the Female Reproductive System, enhance the overall well-being of the Womb, and therefore the overall levels of power attainable through the Womb. Common ways to take herbs are tinctures, teas, and through eating the herbs themselves in cooking recipes and adding them to your routine of Divine Feminine exploration is a strong key in unlocking your inner wisdom. 

Various Chinese Formulas are available, as well as Ayurvedic, and Western Herbalism Formulas. Less commonly known are those Folk Medicine formulas of the Indigenous North, Central, and South American lineages, to which I personally have explored quite extensively and found to be extremely helpful in aiding the Feminine into Holistic Healing of the Self.

An overall tonic for women is the formula of Oatstraw, Red Raspberry Leaf, Nettles, and Red Clover. This general tonic, taken as a daily tea, is supportive to the woman in all cycles (pregnancy, lactation, menopause, menstruation, and everything in between). Toning of the Uterus, filled with Iron, Cycle regulating, and nourishing to the Womb, this tea is my “go to” for all complaints but is best taken regularly as a preventative to ailments and an over-all strengthener to the functions of the Feminine.

A profound herbal ally of mine is the Rose. I add a bit of roses to most of my routines, including my Yoni Steams and Hydrosol Flush Recipes, and almost all of my teas. This Divine Feminine Flower is almost incomparable to it’s energetic healing effects on the emotional, energetic, and spiritual healing effects for the Woman. It’s even effective in treating grief generated from miscarriage or abortion. I add Rose whenever I can to my teas, from my Yerba Mate blends, to my Uterus Toning Tonics. The flower of Venus, Aphrodite, and the Divine Mother, connecting to Rose is possibly the most powerful and simple way to connect to the Divine Feminine when ingesting herbs.


Another powerful plant ally is Maca Root, commonly sold in powder form as a South American Superfood. I serve a hot Maca beverage in my Yoni Steam workshops because of it’s amazing hormonal balancing benefits.

Again, the herbs and formulas for ingestion are extremely numerous, and the choice of herbal consumption really depends on the intention and state/constitution of the Woman, as well as the Mind/Body/Spirit component of Herself that she is working with. I highly recommend doing a bit of research, or having a consultation with an Herbalist to identify which herbs fit your routine and intention.

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