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What is Yoni Steaming?

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

Yoni steaming also known as vaginal steaming is a natural, gentle and holistic approach that has been used by people with vulvas for centuries. Cultures across the globe have steamed their vulvas with local herbs and flowers for fertility, postpartum healing, and feminine health. It is a process where a woman squats or sits over steaming water containing a blend of healing herbs.

In Tantric literature, the word Yoni means "female genitalia" but it also encompasses other meanings such as "womb and source". The yoni has served as a divine symbol across many ancient cultures and has long been accepted as the divine feminine power, one that is interconnected with the natural periodic cycles of the Moon and Earth.

Steaming Benefits

Vaginal steaming provides a number of benefits including:

  • Relaxation & Mood Stabilization

  • Alleviating PMS & Menopause symptoms

  • Alleviating discomforts associated with heavy, long, irregular, or painful menstruation cycles.

  • Rehydrating and increasing lubrication to the vagina

  • Balancing of hormones

  • Relief of discomfort caused by fibroids, cysts, bacterial and yeast infections

  • Increase fertility

  • Reduce inflammation

  • Balance PH levels

  • Achieve Stronger & More Frequent Orgasms

  • Assists in tightening, toning of the uterine walls along with assisting in bladder control

  • Sexual and emotional Trauma Release

  • Postpartum recovery by aiding in the repair of vaginal tears, episiotomy, or C-section scars

  • Assist with the healing of hemorrhoids

  • Increase libido & reignite sensual passion

  • Deepen connection to your femininity

How to steam

Steaming requires you to squat, kneel or sit over steaming water that contains an herbal blend. There are two basic methods that can be used to steam; the bowl method or the steaming seat method.

The bowl method: Prepare your herbal steaming blend, pour hot contents into a bowl and kneel or squat over the bowl for at least 20 minutes with a towel wrapped around your waist to contain the steam.

The Steaming seat method: Prepare your herbal blend, secure portable or stationed steaming seat, pour herbal mixture into seat, sit and wrap waist with a towel, enjoy steam for 20 minutes.

At the end of the steaming session, discard of all herbs by flushing contents or by giving the herbs back to the Earth.

*Steaming is not recommended if you are pregnant or actively bleeding*

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